October 2011:

2nd: Ayumi Ishito Quartet live at Miles Cafe (click) @ 7pm-8:30

8th: Brandon Perdomo Jazz Lounge w/ Thomas Fucaloro at Mandragoras (click) 1pm-4pm


September 2011:

28th: Julie Milgram Trio live at Lime Leave (click) @ 7-10pm

22nd: Aires de Argentina live at Bar East (click) @10pm Tango Time!!!!

2nd: Camille Corazón (click) live at Tea Lounge (click) @ 9pm


June 2011:

17th: Camille Corazón (click) live at Goodbye Blue Monday (click) @ 11:30PM

19th: Dylan Coleman, Patrick Groenland, Michael Kihn "Lunch Trio" in Needham/Boston 11am-3pm

20th: Joakim Breicha Quartet live at Wally's Jazz Cafe (click) 7pm-9pm

21st: Sara Banleigh and the Banleigh Band live at Rob's Shop on South 2nd and Driggs/ Williamsburgat @ 5pm


April 2011:

7th: Preyhoven live at Pianos (click) @ 8pm

10th: Preyhoven live in Boston at All Asia @ 9pm


March 2011:

6th: Preyhoven live at TheTrashBar (click) @ 9pm ($7)

8th: Mercy!Mercy!Mercy! presents Ayumi Ishito live at Coco66 (click) @ 9pm


February 2011:

23th: Julie Milgram Trio (Petros Klampanis - B) live at Lime Leave (click) @ 7-10pm

28th: Yuko Okamoto 4tet (Ayumi Ishito-Sax, Louis De Mieulle, M.K.-Drums) live at Puppet's Jazz Bar (click) @ 6:30-8:30


December 2010:


11th: Ayumi Ishito 4tet live at Cafe Cielo @ 11:30pm (ft. Sana Nagano on Violin)

15th: Julie Milgram Trio (Petros Klampanis - B) live at Lime Leave (click) @ 7-10pm

19th: Preyhoven live at Googie's Lounge (upstairs of "Living Room") @ 8:30-9:15pm


Novermber 2010:


3.: Sara Banleigh (click) at Bailout Theater - Judson Memorial Church (click) @ 7:30

16.: Sara Banleigh (click) at "Pianos" (lower east side) (click) @ 7pm

21.: Preyhoven (click) live in the East Village at Blue Owl (click) @ 7pm-9pm


October 2010:


5.: Cafe Cielo (click) @ 11pm-1am

8.: Karma 51 (click): Sean Lynch's "Moon over Oniontown"

12. Cafe Cielo (click) @ 11pm-1am

31.: Preyhoven life at Miles Cafe (click) @ 7:30 (admission $10)


September 2010:


10.: Karma 51 (click): Support for Comedy show @ 8pm

17.: Preyhoven live at 5C (click) @ 10:30pm, opening acts: Kat Calvosa, Sean Fitzpatrick

25.: Preyhoven live at Cafe Luna (click) in Boston @ 9pm



August 2010:


26.: International Bar/Dublin @ 9:00pm

27.: Mixed media ‘Twin peaks’ project in Creative practices Centre @ 8:30pm

28.: Twin Peaks in exchange art gallery/Dublin (unconfirmed)

29.: Yamamori Restaurant/Dublin @ 7:30-10:00pm

31.: Shebeen Chic (2 vocalists) @ 7:30pm
















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